Athlete Profile Season 5

Athlete Profiles showcases extraordinary athletes and tells the stories.

Sports and athletics have brought people together for as far back as history goes. Participating in your favorite sport, whether you’re on a team or competing solo, is an excellent way to stay healthy and find a sense of community. What’s even more impressive is taking that commitment to the next level, and the remarkable people who do this are the focus of Athlete’s Profile 3.

The athletes interviewed in this series are more than mere hobbyists; each episode explores the story of an athlete – and sometimes a team of athletes – who has dedicated years of their life, a significant amount of money, and often made difficult choices in the name of their sport. Whether they be professional competitors or amateurs with immutable passion, these athletes have turned their love of sports into a lifestyle.

Professionally conducted interviews show the athletes sharing their stories, from the time they first fell in love with their sports, all the way up to modern day. These interviews are supported by b-roll footage of the athletes competing and training, coming together to illustrate twenty-four amazing and diverse stories. The athletes’ disciplines range from motocross, to CrossFit, to ice oval racing, and everything in between.

Athlete’s Profile 3 ultimately paints a portrait of what it takes to live the life of a modern athlete.