Built to Thrive Season Two

The stories of entrepreneurs are legendary.

The stories of entrepreneurs are legendary, but in retelling them we often forget to discuss the pitfalls and challenges inherent to every up-and-comer’s journey.

This is the story that Built to Thrive seeks to tell. Each episode tackles a different topic faced by many entrepreneurs – whether it be gender disparity, adapting to the changing times, or the non-negotiable daily routines that create success. Each entrepreneur discusses their own unique experience with the topic, their feelings and mindset, and how they managed to succeed in the end.

Each episode features three to five entrepreneurs, and their own experiences with the topic at hand. By providing counter-points to each other, our entrepreneurs give the audience a multi-faceted insight into the task at hand. On the other hand, some entrepreneurs’ journeys might share much in common: when discussing failure, for instance, multiple entrepreneurs in a single episode will share stories of failed ventures, and echo the sentiment that failure is a necessary milestone in the path to success.

In each episode our entrepreneurs walk us through their full experiences relating to the topic at hand: the context leading up to the challenges they faced, the mistakes they made along the way, and how their indomitable spirit led them to victory.

By taking this personal, holistic approach to each entrepreneur and CEO’s journey, we impart the most valuable lessons they’ve learned. The audience, whether they be aspiring entrepreneurs themselves, or everyday folks feeling lost and overwhelmed, can learn what it takes to overcome adversity.