Pushback dives deep into the stories of some of the brightest business owners of today.

Pushback dives deep into the stories of some of the brightest business owners of today. From Jenny Carrington’s coast-to-coast Walk for Mother Earth, to Mitch Axelrod’s miraculous medical journey, to the self-taught maverick millionaire Paul Finck, get to know the adversity, the dilemmas, and the triumphs of twenty-four lifelong entrepreneurs. There’s a lesson to be learned from each of them, not just for the aspiring entrepreneur, but for anyone looking to make their mark and share their influence.

Influencers, or Pushback, is a unique and engaging project providing a never-before-seen look into the most engaging, creative, and progressive entrepreneurs of today. Each episode features a new entrepreneur from a unique walk of life, as they tell the story of their journey and how they got to where they are today.

Entrepreneurs begin with their childhoods, and this segment of the episode features real archive photos and video from the subjects’ younger days. They detail how they first discovered their passion for business, and how they began to turn that into a career. As we move through their lives toward present day, we see more archive footage and b-roll to get a feel for what their business and day-to-day is like.

As entrepreneurs describe their low points and greatest challenges, so too do they provide a peek into the mind of a business owner, as well as insight for those who may be suffering through the same challenges. The solutions that these entrepreneurs have used to come out on top are creative and progressive, reflective of the entrepreneurs’ own personalities and methods of problem-solving.

As the episode winds down, the entrepreneur describes their day-to-day in more detail, and reflects on their journey up to this point. Though many of them have already achieved more than they ever could have imagined, they’re certainly not slowing down now.