Built to Thrive Season 1

The stories of entrepreneurs are legendary, but in retelling them we often forget to discuss the pitfalls and challenges inherent to every up-and-comer’s journey.

This is the story that Built to Thrive seeks to tell. Hosted by longtime entrepreneur Melodee Meyer, with the support of interviewer Ted Usatynski, this pilot project dives in to the story of Joey Nichols, a man with a remarkable story of resilience. Joey has overcome shocking amounts of adversity in his life, and come out the other side stronger.

In an interview guided by Harvard graduate and expert in psychology Ted Usatynski, we dive into the nature of the human mind itself. Ted’s unique understanding of human psychology and “instinctual intelligence” allows the project to take a deep dive into what the human psyche endures when confronted with the circumstances that Joey faced, from addiction to incarceration to rebirth.

By the end of the project, Built to Thrive succeeds in shedding light on the human side of stories like Joey’s. The two remarkable hosts reflect on the learnings of the episode, and convey the project’s overall themes of understanding and resilience