One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

People in general love to collect things such as coins, stamps, bank notes, art, classic cars and other antiques. But there are numerous other ordinary items that South Africans fill their collection closets with. Hats,vinyls, Coca Cola memorabilia, Barbie dolls, boxing photos and more bizarre objects.

The Collectors is a narrated documentary series of 24 episodes that brings you the stories of South Africa’s most interesting collectors & their fascinating collections. We find out who they are, about their collection and accompany them on a journey of acquiring anew item or maybe sell or trade one of their existing artefacts.

Through interviews with them and their loved ones we find out about this person’s passion for their collection. It is also important to establish the value of the collection as well as finding out what their most treasured item is. Once the Collectors bug has bitten there is no turning back… we will take the viewer on a journey to find out why and what drives these people to go to extremes to collect and source items.