Mixology Masters Season 1

Raising a glass to our friends! World's best bartenders go head-to-head title of Mixology Master.

Mixology Masters was created at the start of the pandemic as we watched so many of our friends closed the doors to their restaurants and bars, uncertain if they would ever be able to open again. With that in mind, the show is a celebration and acknowledgment of a craft that is essential to the hospitality industry. A good bartender can elevate a guest’s dining experience. A Mixologist is much like a well-trained chef, embracing a culinary approach to blending cocktails and possessing a deep understanding of the history behind spirits, liqueurs, and the flavors they blend with. Furthermore, they study the freshness of ingredients, flavor compounds, and even the chemistry of components to produce innovative and excellent cocktails.

Mixology is a newly created television series that captures the art and craft of cocktail making in a competition format that pits some of the best bartenders in the country against each other. The series consists of 24 episodes and in each episode contestants have the opportunity to showcase their skills from behind the bar and compete to progress forward in the competition.

The winning bartender receives the coveted title of “Mixology Master” but that’s not all — He or she also receives a cash prize of $15,000! + $10,000 donation to Bartenders Benevolent Fund/CPBA to support the impacted hospitality industry.